Welcome to Leo's Gluten Free

Leo’s Gluten Free is bringing the authentic taste of pasta back to your table!
After two years of researching and testing our pasta, we are proud to present Leo’s Gluten Free. The secret to our success is that we have created gluten free pasta with the authentic wholesome taste people have come to know, love and enjoy! Best of all, our pasta cooks up al dente! We want everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, to come to the table and enjoy the simple pleasures that come from a meal prepared with Leo’s Gluten Free pasta. Buon Appetito!

Our pasta is safe for individuals managing specific food allergies, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten/wheat free lifestyles and celiac disease.

Our Promise:
  • Our pasta is produced in a state of the art, 100% dedicated gluten free facility certified by the GFCO.
  • Our pasta is allergen friendly and we use NO peanuts, tree nuts, corn, wheat, rye or barley on the premises.
  • Our pasta is made with whole grain, brown rice and we will never use preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients in our products.
  • 8 Pasta varieties are free from milk, dairy, and casein: Fettuccine, Rotini, Spaghetti, Penne, Potato Gnocchi, Cavatelli, Elbow Macaroni & Lasagna Sheets.
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